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Our exclusive Unreal asset packs can be found at the Unreal Marketplace: Unreal.Displaying.xyz.

Open your Unreal Settings > Plugins, search for "Bink" and enable "Bink Media".
You will have to restart Unreal after enabling it.

Your Modular_Screens folder under Content contains your Modular Blueprint, your widgets, materials, and textures.

The _Master_Files folder contain your parent materials and placeholders. Every material in your pack is an instance of one of these parent materials.

Each pack contains four folders, each with the same 50 widgets in six different formats and resolutions:

  • Bink_HighRes: Bink video materials in 1080P resolution.
  • Bink_LowRes: Bink video materials in 512px resolution.
  • Sprite_Sheet_8K: Flipbook materials, each frame is 512x512px.
  • Sprite_Sheet_4K: Flipbook materials, each frame is 256x256px.
  • Static_HD: Non-animated textures with a 1080px height.
  • Static_4K: Non-animated textures with a 2160px height.

You are welcome to delete any of these four folders that you are not using, as it will not have any impact on the other folders.

Each of these six folders contains the Widgets you are going to use into your Modular Blueprint. The Materials, Movies, and Textures Folders contain all of the assets the widgets use.
The Extra_Footage folder contain video textures you can freely use as widget textures.

Simply drag-and-drop your blueprint "BP_Modular_Screen" anywhere into your map. Your Blueprint's details panel allows you to customize it.
Easily swap its widget with the one you want. You can put your own images in or footage, resize them, and change their tint. You can also edit the main line of text.
Your custom image and text remain in place when hot-swapping widgets if you want to try out multiple screens without losing your content.