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Easy typewriter effect for After Effects

Digitext for After Effects adds typing, encrypting, and redacting effects to your text layers.
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Digitext is a lightweight script that works virtually with any text, and can be applied to multiple layers simultaneously.
Digitext Quickstart Guide
Download the latest version of Digitext, using the Download button above.
Extract the content of the downloaded Zip file into your ScriptUI Panels folder:

MacOS: /Applications/Adobe After Effects (version)/Scripts/ScriptUI Panels

Windows: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects (version)\Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels
Open After Effects, and click on Digitext.jsx at the bottom of the Window menu.
Select the text layers you want to add Digitext to, then click on the Digitext button.
Control your Digitext effects and animations from the Effect Controls Panel of each text layer.
Under Typewriter, the Progress slider sets how much of your text is visible. When this slider is changing values, your text is revealed one character at a time, unless you check the Type word by word box.
You can add a leading Cursor that will only be visible when Typewriter Progress is under 100%.
Keep in mind that some cursors marked with an asterisk (*) such as Vertical Rectangle are special characters that may not be included in your text's font.

Most standard fonts include these characters, but if your cursor appears to be invisible, it might be because the font you picked doesn't contain it.
If Cursor Blinking is higher than 0 (= no blinking), its number sets its blinking frequency in frames.
If you set it at 5, your leading cursor will be visible for 5 frames, then be hidden for the next 5 frames, and so on.
Encryption Progress sets how much of your text should be encrypted, in the Encryption Direction of your choice, random, forwards -starting from the beginning of the text-, or backwards.
Changing Frequency sets how often -in frames- your random characters should change. If set at 0, they won't change over time.
If you uncheck the Preserve Spaces box, your text's spaces will be replaced by random characters.
The four last checkboxes let you select what kind of characters your encrypted text should include.
Redaction Amount sets how much of your text should be redacted, in the Redaction Direction of your choice, random, forwards -starting from the beginning of the text-, or backwards.
Redact with lets you pick what character should be used to redact your text.
Keep in mind that some fonts do not include some special characters such as Thick Bar or Square.
Random Seed changes all random values and settings for Encryption and Redaction.

To learn more about Digitext, watch the demo video: