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Discover After Toolkit
Make your motion graphics easyAfter Toolkit saves you time and effort so you can focus on being creative
Custom Interface
Immediate Fictional Screens

Generate Fictional screens in a few clicks. After Toolkit comes with a screen generator, a technobabble generator, and a collection of flexible looping animations.

Fill your compositions with believable on-screen data within seconds. Pages of code, hacker screens, scientific data, and much more. Make them dynamically change and animate with simple sliders.

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Recompose Your Canvas

It's never been easier to manipulate your composition's elements: Make a cropped precomp of anything you select, center all anchors, flip, arrange into a grid,...

Transform masks or shapes into layers, export layers to PNG files, just select your layers and click on the tool of your choice.

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Animate Anything

Make your layers pulse, scroll, wiggle, glitch, spin, fade, all in a few seconds. Batch apply animations to hundreds of layers at once, indefinitely looping, and highly customizable with simple sliders.

Apply all kinds of transitions or looping animations to any number of layers. Every animation is non-intrusive, expression-driven, and very easy to dynamically adjust through the Effect Controls Panel.

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Master Your Timeline

Shift your layers, batch-rename them, loop them, freeze them, extend them, delay them, shuffle them, staircase them,...

Clean up and reorganize time, order, sequence, with one click per action applied to all of your layers at once.

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More than 75 Tools

Pick and choose the tools you want to use.
After Toolkit's interface is very flexible and allows you to design your own layout, rename your tabs and categories, go full-size or minimalistic.

With an extensive collection of tools, possibilities are endless. Click on the button below to explore all the tools included with After Toolkit.

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Free ScriptsDownload our free, exclusive, and original After Effects scripts
One-click Typewriter Effect

Add Typewriter, Encryption, and Redaction effects to any static text layer.

Digitext has only one button, select your text layers, click on Digitext, and play with sliders to animate your texts.

With a lot of customization and animation options, Digitext brings your texts to life.

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Realistic Chat Generator

Generate realistic animated chats in less than a minute.

Create and animate Instant Message conversations in the most popular chat app styles.

Customize colors, sizes, shapes, and scrolling settings with simple sliders.

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